Brood 20

Our 20th Birthday celebrations took place over the weekend of 27th/28th September. If you have any photos or videos that you would be happy for us to put on our website please send them via the webmaster email given on the contacts page.

Emma of Pedants’ Revolt has kindly given permission for her video, below.

And Meanwhile…..

    Always Look on The Brood Side of Life!

Always Look on the Brood Side of Life
Always Look on the Brood Side of Life

If you’re feeling down, don’t let it make you frown
Paint your face all purple, shout and sing.
Nothing really matters, when you’re wearing tatters
So listen to your bells go ding a ling

Doing border dancing is very life-enhancing
It’ll send your woes and troubles all away
So make a great big din and dance through thick and thin
But it’s better if you practice every day

Just give us all your dates and we’ll do fairs and fetes
And festivals are really quite the thing
We’ll give it all we’ve got, though we don’t ask a lot
Just feed us cake and we’ll do anything

Our band is really grand, and we all lend a hand
With tambourines and other instruments
People know we’re coming when they hear the drumming
At pubs and fetes and other folk events

People think we’re twits, as we dance about with sticks
They turn their heads and snigger as they pass
But that’s the only smile they’ve had in quite a while
So tell us now who you think is the arse?

With apologies to Monty Python, lyrics written by our own Penny Simpson-Giles.