The Wicket Brood dance repertoire is listed below. We don’t necessarily include all of the dances every season.

Black Widow (by Rogue Morris/Roy Dommett, tune ‘Spiders Web’ by Anthony McKay)
Bob’s Dance (by Baldock Midnight Morris, tune ‘Winster Gallop’, traditional)
Clifton (tune ‘The Fairy Dance’, traditional)
Craven Stomp (by Flagcrackers of Craven, tune ‘Put The Road in Order’ by John Kirkpatrick)
Decadance (by Iffy Morris, tune ‘Decadance’ by Wicket Brood)
Drunken Idiot (by The Bassett Street Hounds, tunes ‘Worcestershire Hornpipe’ & ‘Mountain Bell’)
Fortune’s Favour (by David Stanfield, tune ‘Cam Ye O’er Frae France’, traditional)
Hell’s Bells (by Boggart’s Breakfast, tune ‘The Peacock’s Feather’, traditional
Just as the tide was a-flowing (by The Witchmen, tune of the same name, traditional)
Lily Bolero (by Iffy Morris)
Mississippi Blood Bath (by Ouse Wash Molly, tune ‘The Eighth of January’ traditional)
Morgan’s Orchard (by Ian Bradshaw, tunes ‘Lili Bavari’ & ‘Oil of Barley’)
Mr. Dolly (by Elephant Up a Pole, tune ‘Cochon Chine’, traditional)
Peopleton Knott (by Wicket Brood, tune ‘X46’ by Huw Williams)
Ragged Crow (tune ‘Portabello Hornpipe’, traditional)
Rochester Thistle (by The Witchmen, tune ‘La Jambe du Jean’ by Ed Rennie)
Tinner’s Rabbit (tune ‘Not for Joe’, traditional)
Twiglet (by Planet Morris, tune ‘Theme Vannitaise’ by Tri Yann’)
Worcestershire Monkey (by Martin Hallett, tune ‘Weasels Revenge’ by Jan Hurst)

Retired or Resting
Much Wenlock
Wickham Dick (by Wickham Morris, tune ‘The Lollipop Man’, traditional)